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Datum Eingang: 17.07.2018
Firma: BulldozAIR
Branche: Social Media Marketing/Inbound
Ort: Paris, France
-Currently pursuing a BA/BS or MA/MS in Business School/Journalism/Web/Communication, you can’t spend a day without connecting to Facebook and Twitter.
-Strong copywriting skills including excellent use of grammar & spelling
-Social media savvy and knowledgeable with multiple social media platforms, their functions and best practices
-Knowledge of HTML Code, WordPress and Photoshop.
-Vous parlez un peu le français ou souhaitez apprendre ☺
Aufgabe: Within the marketing team, we offer a rich mission in a B2B context:
-Build a rich content that attracts a qualified audience (blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, etc…);
-Optimizing the spreading of such content through newsletters and social networks because « Content is King, but Distribution is Queen»;
-Monitor and engage in relevant social discussions;
-Track, measure and provide insights and understanding of the performance of our social media activities;
Beginn/Dauer: Dates: as soon as possible for at least 3 months
Compensation: according to experience
Contact: send your resume to
E-Mail Kontakt:  

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