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International Student Placement UK (Vermittlung)

Datum Eingang: 02.10.2018
Firma: International Student Placement UK (Vermittlung)
Branche: Sales/Marketing
Ort: Chesterfield, UK
The Ideal Student
•Professional English
•Preferably native German
•Strong communication skills and a positive, motivated attitude
•Ability to work independently as well as in a team
•Willingness to travel
•Additional languages an advantage: Norwegian, Danish and/or Swedish
Aufgabe: The Host Company

The host company is a family run business based in Chesterfield, whose aim it is to ensure that every customer who comes into contact with them receives the most outstanding customer service offered by any company on the market. The company is one of the largest in their sector selling both to the retailing (also online) and to the wholesaling market in the UK with a substantial representation already in Europe.

The Placement

The company is searching for a student, preferably native German, French or Spanish, to support the company expanding internationally and with their daily business.

Task and Duties include:
•Market research, with the aim to identify potential market opportunities
•Developing contacts and initiating potential partner
•Sending promotional materials to potential customers to offer dealership opportunities (Mailing or via the phone)
•Providing support and advice to existing clients
•Working closely with the different departments to develop the business
•Review current activities and develop ideas
•Other support activities such as translation and administration
•Attend and prepare trade and business events
Beginn/Dauer: Start Date: February 2019

Duration: 5-6 months
Vergütung: Erasmus+
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