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Lemon (Digital Marketing)

Datum Eingang: 21.08.2018
Firma: Lemon (Digital Marketing)
Ort: Antwerpen, Belgien
You’re a digital native with a passion for everything with the word ‘online’ in it and an analytical mindset. Since thinking inside the box bores you, thinking outside the box is your classic way of thinking.
Communication is your middle name and unknown things don’t scare you.
Content ideas pop up in your head all the time and you’re not afraid to put them into practice. Being a #hashtag #king or #queen will give you some bonus points.

- You have affinity with the IT sector
- Social media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have no secrets for you
- You’ve heard of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and are willing to learn more about this
Working independently and taking initiative doesn’t scare you
- Strong communication skills
- Graphical skills and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge definitely a plus
- Experience as a senior year student or post-graduate is a plus
Aufgabe: Lemon Companies is a fast-growing dynamic company, that specializes in software- and (web)application-development. We build platforms for clients, for ourselves and for joint ventures. Lemon Companies makes you digitally successful by offering the full package: people can also hire us for digital marketing support, cloud hosting, animation videos, graphic support, etc. Our team consists of over 20 motivated lemon-squeezers, each one of them making a difference with his/her individual talents.
We don’t do formal in our office – laughing and making witty puns is allowed at all times. Okay, make that ‘most of the time’ as work still needs to be done.
Anyway, we’re goodhearted people and we would be delighted to welcome you in our awesome team.

Your main responsibilities at Lemon Companies:

- Maintaining and updating our social media
- Creative content creation for marketing purposes (blog posts, social media ads...)
- Voice your creative ideas during co-creation sessions
- Be an active member of the Lemon family

Lemon Companies offers you:

- A useful internship (we can make our own coffee)
- A Reimbursement of expenses
- A stimulating, young environment
- Extra social media buddies
- A bit of extra weight, thanks to ‘Greasy Friday'

Beginn/Dauer: 6 months, flexible
Vergütung: paid internship (+ transportation/reimbursement)
E-Mail Kontakt:  

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