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Oxfam International

Datum Eingang: 19.06.2018
Firma: Oxfam International
Branche: Media and Communications Assistant (Internship)
Ort: Harare, Zimbabwe

•Academic degree in Communication, Media, Information Systems or other relevant area for this position
•Understanding of Program development and working in a partnership approach.
• Analytical skills and ability to think innovatively and practically to improve quality of communications.
- Demonstrated knowledge on Zimbabwe’s challenges in information dissemination;
•Demonstrated knowledge of legislation and policies on information dissemination in Mozambique;
•Ability to identify good media stories
•News sense and sound political judgement
•Ability to tailor media output to fit with organisational objectives
•Ability to understand complex issues and develop simple and accurate messages
•Excellent knowledge of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+;
•Fluency in English and ability to identify and generate compelling social media content in Zimbabwe
•Previous NGO experience of any kind is an advantage

•Superior writing and editing skills in English
•Strong organizational and self-management skills, with ability to prioritise work issues to meet deadlines and adjust to constantly changing situations while maintaining focus on delivery and follow-through.
• Ability to work independently, be proactive and timely, can work under stress and in multi-cultural environment
A strong awareness and understanding of the Zimbabwe political context.

Aufgabe: Background:
Oxfam in Zimbabwe has completed a change process that will lead to it being a major influencing organization, working in collaboration with local and national state and non- state actors in the country, and with international actors. In this change process Oxfam will base its engagement with such actors on evidence from community, local and national level work with partners. A strong communications function is therefore critical for the organization to be able to systematically gather, store and disseminate information to enhance the effectiveness of its agenda.

Purpose of Internship:
Support the communications function in the organization, produce and disseminate information that can be used for external communication and influencing purposes in order to highlight and promote the work of Oxfam in Zimbabwe and to increase Oxfam’s visibility and influence.

Key Responsibilities

•In collaboration with the Regional Media and Communications Manager, the Head of Programmes and the CD develop an interim communications framework for Oxfam in Zimbabwe to support the gradual establishment of a full communications portfolio on the country programmes.
•Work with the rest of the media team with Programme/Project Leads, establish communications needs and potential for each project and an agreed schedule for generating communication products such as reports, success stories, pictures and videos.
•Regularly monitor the media environment in the country, region and globally and advise management of opportunities and threats that may exist;
•Promote the use of cross platform media products to support influencing strategies, promote changes in beliefs and attitudes in Zimbabwe

Produce and distribute Communication materials about the work of Oxfam, its partners and communities they work with.

•Produce and/or facilitating the delivery of a range of effective communication products in a variety of formats and for a variety of audiences
•Identifying and producing human-interest stories and ensuring regular circulation to relevant stakeholders with and outside the confederation using existing platforms and eensuring that all Oxfam external communication materials adhere to Oxfam’s branding guidelines
• Regularly compiling, producing and distributing video recordings as part of research, situation reports, case studies, visits, campaigns from all Oxfam programs in the country
•Initiate relationships with selected media organizations and individuals in the national Media Sector to facilitate timely and accurate reporting on Oxfam and partners work while minimizing risk of negative exposure/publicity.
•Initiate, manage and update channels of communication-Country website, COMPASS, Soical Media platforms to promote, market and spread awareness on Zimbabwe programme.

Program Support & Capacity Building
•Monitors that the different stakeholders/networks/target groups receive appropriate information/communication on Oxfam operations.
• Develop and monitor a system for capturing and storing of essential Oxfam and partners knowledge in a manner that facilitates easy accessing, updating, and repackaging.
•Engage with programme teams and individuals to explore and enhance programme effectiveness through communications, including maximum utilization of platforms and social media. This may result in introduction of new activities in projects.
•Link with the regional communications team to ensure Oxfam Zimbabwe’s communication products are part of the regional communications processes.
•Ensure that women’s rights are profiled, protected and promoted in all internal & external materials, channels and communications;
•Develop, maintain, and communicate regularly a calendar of events for the OXFAM country Zimbabwe program, ensuring that managers are informed of such events including media and communication requirements;

Closing Date: 29 June 2018
Unpaid Position (Volunteer)
More Information and Application Online:
Vergütung: volunteering position

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